What do we achieve?

Wetwheels is about so much more than a boat.

Whilst everyone that comes aboard Wetwheels Yorkshire has a safe, adventurous and FUN trip on the sea with our specially trained crew, we aim for so much more....

Building Confidence

 A Wetwheels experience builds disabled children's (and adults) confidence by introducing them to a new activity and giving them the support to push their boundaries in a safe,supportive environment.

Young people such as Dale, a local Whitby man who, following a swimming accident aged 14 that left him paralised, was socially isolated.  Following a series of trips taken in 2018, including fishing trips, Dale has become more confident and outspoken.  Dale even appeared on BBC TV to talk about his Wetwheels Yorkshire experience...




Increased Wellbeing

Increased confidence is linked to improved general physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Outdoor recreation activities, especially those that include social interaction and shared participation offer significant wellbeing benefits. A Wetwheels trip is a multi-sensory outdoor activity on the open sea, and beneficiaries feel the movement of the waves, the spray on their faces, the wind in their hair and being close to nature.


Our research shows that many people in our area, especially disabled children who have limited opportunities in this regard, have never explored our local maritime heritage from the sea. By creating this opportunity, this project encourages curiosity and deeper engagement in local history and by taking learning out of the class room encourages lifelong learning.



A Wetwheels trip doesn't finish when our participants wave goodbye.  Wetwheels Yorkshire is determined to act as a signpost for the many organisations we work with.  We have worked with particpant groups who, through introductions via Wetwheels, have gone on to play disability sports, volunteered in their local community or joined social groups.

A recent example brought together a group of young people from SASH (a charity preventing youth homelesness) and York Sharks Wheelchair Basketball Club.  Here's what SASH had to say...


SASH York 86




Wetwheels on YouTube

Wetwheels on YouTube

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