Here's where we'll be keeping you up to date with the progress of the Wetwheels Yorkshire project. 

Scarborough SeaFest 2017

Scarborough SeaFest 2017 The Wetwheels Team enjoyed a great weekend in the sunshine at Scarborough Seafest..... Read more

Raffle Prize Winners 2017

Raffle Prize Winners 2017 The lucky prize winners of our 2017 Prize Draw enjoyed a luxurious lunch courtesy of Raithwaite Estate, Whitby followed by a dream flight... Read more

A Permanent Home

A Permanent Home This month saw Wetwheels Yorkshire secure its permanent berth... Read more

Haxby Carnival

Haxby Carnival The Wetwheels Yorkshire Team visited Haxby Carnival (Nr York) to introduce the local people to the Wetwheels project... Read more