Micklegate Soapbox Challenge

Team Wetwheels Yorkshire introduced the concept of Wetwheels to a crowd of 10,000 people at the 2017 Micklegate Soapbox Challenge a 'Whacky Races' styled event that turned one of York's most famous cobbled streets into a carnival with 50 home-made soapbox carts of all shapes and sizes.

A HUGE ramp was built to launch the carts and Wetwheels Yorkshire's catamaran inspired cart enjoyed some great attention and was certainly one of the stars of the show with our ability to get some great 'air' over the jumps set out along the course.

An amazing 360 video is featured in our Galleries page...

Thanks to N & E Woodhouse Plastering and The Old Siam Restaurant for their generous support of this event and to Tony Simons and his team of engineers extraordinaire who built our craft...