Scarborough SeaFest 2017

The Wetwheels Team enjoyed a great weekend in the sunshine at Scarborough Seafest 2017 with our ever popular Info Point where we met lots of people new to Wetwheels who are looking forward to seeing our new boat arrive in 2018.


Many people we met were unaware of the project but showed great enthusiasm for what Wetwheels do in the community.


Notable connection included Scarborough Yacht Club (very welcoming, thanks guys), Scarborough DAG (disability action group), the local JST (Jubilee Sailing Trust) team, Chris from Scarborough's 'Wave Project', a very nice lady from the BBC (watch this space) and an lovely lady from one of the Uk's largest companies in their field (based in Whitby) who are keen to support us!  


Plus many, many individuals and groups that are looking forward to getting on board when Wetwheels Yorkshire arrives next year.


If all goes to plan Wetwheels Yorkshire will attend Scarborough Seafest boat.