Wetwheels Fishing September 2018

WWY ran its first fully accessible fishing trips in September 2018 when two groups of people were able to access the sea and reap its bounty for the first time!  Lots of mackerel plus cod, pollock, dabs, coley and just one nasty old weaverfish (these give a sting if you're unlucky enough to touch its spines).

We made use of our electric reel and specially made rod holder to enable a local young man to not only catch his first fish but also beat his dad (and the rest of us) with the best fish - a tasty 5lb pollock!


We even had time to visit the seal colony to watch the experts relax - over 300 seals reside at Ravenscar and they all came to see us...

 IMG 7111


IMG 7108


IMG 7116


IMG 7160


IMG 7161