EDU: Marine & Environment

We are lucky to be based in one of the most beautiful and richly diverse coastal regions in the UK. Interest in our environment and the protection of wildlife, particularly marine wildlife, has never been more than it is now.

Wetwheels Yorkshire will give everyone the opportunity to have access to these maritime habitats and to see, first hand, the wide range of flora and forna on, in and around our community coastline. From seaweeds to sea birds and from jelly fish to dolphins, every trip to sea on Wetwheels Yorskhire will reveal new and interesting sights, smells and sounds; it is feast for the senses.


We will use a range of basic guides to stimulate discussion and observation. For example, these learning tools include;

  • Sea bird identification guides
  • We will list things we see in the water
  • We will look at local landmarks from the sea

We will also work with our partner organisations to deliver their water-themed programmes.