Sometimes, you don't need a reason to do something. Sometimes, it is enough just to get away from it all and take time-out from everyday activity.

A change of situation is often just enough to recharge your batteries and, albeit for a short period of time, give you a different perspective on life.

Although rarely recognised by funding bodies, we strongly believe that just being on the water is as life-enhancing and as good for your mental well-being as playing any sport.  The fresh air, the change of scenery, the different view of reality, looking back towards land, it enlivens the senses and stimulates the mind.


We make no excuses for our experiential programme, we only hope more funding bodies will recognise the importance it plays in enhancing lives. 

A trip on Wetwheels Yorkshire could result in more sensory and emotional stimuli in just one hour than some guests experience in a year of routine care provision.