Fishing Trips


In addition to our 'standard' trips, which cost just £30 per person, we have some specific funding for trips for disabled people living in East Yorkshire or Humberside, thanks to the support of the BDAA (British Disabled Anglers Association).  

Please get in touch if you would like to take part in such a trip. 


Monday 22nd July - Scarborough

Fully booked.


Wednesday 31st July - Whitby

10am - 3pm Spaces Available


Friday 2nd August - Whitby

3pm - 6pm Fully Booked.


Saturday 3rd August - Whitby

2pm - 7pm Fully Booked.


Sunday 4th August - Whitby

2pm - 7pm. Spaces Available


Sunday 29th September - Whitby

12noon to 5pm


All times are approximate. Contact Peter on 01947 466566 for details or to book a place.