Wetwheels Yorkshire Sea Safaris are accessible to both able-bodied people and those with impairments and help fund our regular trips.

Sunday May 12th - Whitby

 A visit to Ravenscar Seal Colony which is home to 300 grey and common seals.  A sight to behold and we can guarantee seeing plenty of seals!

There have also been a large number of sightings of dolphins so far this year.

As with all trips, this is fully accessible with up to three wheelchair spaces per trip.

Cost is £35/head and subject to suitable weather and sea conditions.  All participants are advised to wrap up warm!

Friday July 19th - Whitby

This is a one-way special from Whitby to Scarborough via Ravesncar seal colony.  Departing Whitby 6pm.  The proceeds from this trip helps fund our tarvel costs to Scarborough and is offered at just £20/person! Participants must make their own arrangements to return to Whitby if required.




2019 Sea Safaris

 In 2018 our Sea Safaris encountered seals, porpoise, dolphins and whales!  In addition, the Yorkshire coast has an amazing number of sea birds and the best way to exeriencw them is from the sea, on board Wetwheels Yorkshire.

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